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STATE Class Reference

#include <state.H>

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Public Methods

 STATE (Cstr_ptr &n)
int is_empty ()
void operator+= (cSTATE &s)
void operator-= (cSTATE &s)
void operator-= (ARC *a)
void operator+= (ARC *a)
int consumes (cEVENTptr &e) const
void event (STATE *&next, cEVENTptr &e, STATE *start=0) const
void clear ()
const ARRAY< ARC * > & arcs () const
ARRAY< ARC * > & arcs ()
Cstr_ptr & name () const
void set_name (Cstr_ptr &n)
int operator== (cSTATE &) const

Protected Attributes

ARRAY< ARC * > _arcs
str_ptr _name

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

STATE::STATE   [inline]

STATE::STATE Cstr_ptr &    n [inline]

Member Function Documentation

ARRAY<ARC *>& STATE::arcs   [inline]

const ARRAY<ARC *>& STATE::arcs   const [inline]

void STATE::clear   [inline]

int STATE::consumes cEVENTptr &    e const [inline]

void STATE::event STATE *&    next,
cEVENTptr &    e,
STATE *    start = 0
const [inline]

int STATE::is_empty   [inline]

Cstr_ptr& STATE::name   const [inline]

void STATE::operator+= ARC   a [inline]

void STATE::operator+= cSTATE   s [inline]

void STATE::operator-= ARC   a [inline]

void STATE::operator-= cSTATE   s [inline]

int STATE::operator== cSTATE   const [inline]

void STATE::set_name Cstr_ptr &    n [inline]

Member Data Documentation

ARRAY<ARC *> STATE::_arcs [protected]

str_ptr STATE::_name [protected]

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