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Network Class Reference

CLASS: Network. More...

#include <network.H>

Inherits FD_EVENT.

Inherited by ASCIInet, and MYnet.

List of all members.

Public Methods

 Network ()
virtual ~Network ()
void connect_to (NetStream *s)
void add_stream (NetStream *s)
void start (int port=0)
void start (char *host, int port)
void send_stream (ostrstream &)
void flush_data ()
void subscribe (Cstr_ptr &tag)
NetStreamoperator[] (int i)
int num_streams (void) const
int port (void) const
Cstr_ptr & name (void) const
int processing (void) const
void barrier ()
void add_net_obs (Network_obs *o)
void rem_net_obs (Network_obs *o)
void notify_net (Network_obs::event e, NetStream *s)

Protected Methods

void die (const char *msg)
NetStreamwait_for_connect ()
char * configure (int port, int backlog=NETWORK_SERVER_BACKLOG)
void accept_stream (void)
void remove_stream (NetStream *s)
void sample ()
virtual void add_client (NetStream *)
virtual void interpret (NETenum, NetStream *)
virtual NetStreamnew_stream (int port, const char *host)
virtual NetStreamnew_stream (int fd, struct sockaddr_in *a)

Protected Attributes

int nStreams_
NetStreamstreams_ [256]
str_list tags_
int port_
str_ptr name_
bool first_
int _at_barrier
ARRAY< Network_obs * > _obs_list


class NetStream

Detailed Description

CLASS: Network.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Network::Network   [inline]

virtual Network::~Network   [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void Network::accept_stream void    [protected]

virtual void Network::add_client NetStream   [inline, protected, virtual]

void Network::add_net_obs Network_obs   o [inline]

void Network::add_stream NetStream   s [inline]

void Network::barrier  

char * Network::configure int    port,

void Network::connect_to NetStream   s

void Network::die const char *    msg [protected]

void Network::flush_data  

virtual void Network::interpret NETenum   ,
[inline, protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in MYnet.

Cstr_ptr& Network::name void    const [inline]

virtual NetStream* Network::new_stream int    fd,
struct sockaddr_in *    a
[inline, protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in ASCIInet.

virtual NetStream* Network::new_stream int    port,
const char *    host
[inline, protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in ASCIInet.

void Network::notify_net Network_obs::event    e,
NetStream   s

int Network::num_streams void    const [inline]

NetStream* Network::operator[] int    i [inline]

int Network::port void    const [inline]

int Network::processing void    const

void Network::rem_net_obs Network_obs   o [inline]

void Network::remove_stream NetStream   s [protected]

void Network::sample   [inline, protected, virtual]

Implements FD_EVENT.

void Network::send_stream ostrstream &   

void Network::start char *    host,
int    port

void Network::start int    port = 0

void Network::subscribe Cstr_ptr &    tag [inline]

NetStream * Network::wait_for_connect   [protected]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class NetStream [friend]

Member Data Documentation

int Network::_at_barrier [protected]

ARRAY<Network_obs *> Network::_obs_list [protected]

bool Network::first_ [protected]

str_ptr Network::name_ [protected]

int Network::nStreams_ [protected]

int Network::port_ [protected]

NetStream* Network::streams_[256] [protected]

str_list Network::tags_ [protected]

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