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NDCZpt_list Class Reference

#include <points.H>

Inherits ARRAY< NDCZpt >.

List of all members.

Public Methods

 NDCZpt_list (int max=0)
 NDCZpt_list (const ARRAY< NDCZpt > &p)
NDCZpt interpolate (Greal s, NDCZvec *tan=0, int *segp=0, Greal *tp=0) const
void interpolate_length (Greal s, int &seg, Greal &t) const
void update_length ()
Greal partial_length (int i) const
Greal length () const
NDCZvec segment (int i) const
Greal segment_length (int i) const
NDCZvec tan (int i) const
NDCZvec normal () const
NDCZpt average () const

Protected Attributes

ARRAY< Greal_partial_length

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NDCZpt_list::NDCZpt_list int    max = 0 [inline]

NDCZpt_list::NDCZpt_list const ARRAY< NDCZpt > &    p [inline]

Member Function Documentation

NDCZpt NDCZpt_list::average   const [inline]

NDCZpt NDCZpt_list::interpolate Greal    s,
NDCZvec   tan = 0,
int *    segp = 0,
Greal   tp = 0

void NDCZpt_list::interpolate_length Greal    s,
int &    seg,
Greal   t

Greal NDCZpt_list::length   const [inline]

NDCZvec NDCZpt_list::normal   const [inline]

Greal NDCZpt_list::partial_length int    i const [inline]

NDCZvec NDCZpt_list::segment int    i const [inline]

Greal NDCZpt_list::segment_length int    i const [inline]

NDCZvec NDCZpt_list::tan int    i const

void NDCZpt_list::update_length   [inline]

Member Data Documentation

ARRAY<Greal> NDCZpt_list::_partial_length [protected]

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