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DEVpolled Class Reference

#include <polled.H>

Inherited by Cluster_shmem2evt, DEV_Wall_clock, DEVbutton_serial, DEVbuttons_TRACKD, DEVbuttons_VRPN, DEVemitter_trackd, DEVemitter_VRPN, DEVice_1d_VRPN, DEVice_2d_TRACKD, DEVice_2d_VRPN, DEVICubeX, DEVpinch_VRPN, and Net_textmsg2evt.

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Public Methods

void add_poll ()
void rem_poll ()

Static Public Methods

void run_polls ()

Protected Methods

virtual void do_poll ()=0

Static Protected Methods

ARRAY< DEVpolled * > & pollable ()

Static Protected Attributes

ARRAY< DEVpolled * > * _pollable

Member Function Documentation

void DEVpolled::add_poll   [inline]

virtual void DEVpolled::do_poll   [protected, pure virtual]

Implemented in Net_textmsg2evt, DEVbutton_serial, DEVbuttons_TRACKD, DEVbuttons_VRPN, Cluster_shmem2evt, DEVice_1d_VRPN, DEVice_2d_TRACKD, DEVice_2d_VRPN, DEVemitter_trackd, DEVemitter_VRPN, DEVICubeX, DEVpinch_VRPN, and DEV_Wall_clock.

ARRAY<DEVpolled *>& DEVpolled::pollable   [inline, static, protected]

void DEVpolled::rem_poll   [inline]

void DEVpolled::run_polls   [static]

Member Data Documentation

ARRAY< DEVpolled * > * DEVpolled::_pollable [static, protected]

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