VRG3D::WidgetMgr Class Reference

#include <Widget.H>

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Public Member Functions

 WidgetMgr (const std::string &pointerMoveEvent)
virtual ~WidgetMgr ()
void addWidget (WidgetRef widget, bool pointerActivated)
 Call this to add widgets to the manager.
void processEvent (EventRef event, Array< EventRef > &generatedEvents)
void doGraphics (RenderDevice *rd)
bool activateWidget (WidgetRef toActivate)

Detailed Description

This class manages all widgets in your program. See the description of Widgets for more info. You should create a new WidgetMgr in your app, and then pass it on to any widgets that you create. Then call widgetMgr->processEvent and doGraphics from within your subclass of VRApp. Widgets that implement the pointerOverWidget routine can be activated automatically when the pointer hovers over them. Other widgets can be activated in your code by calling widgetMgr->activateWidget(widget)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VRG3D::WidgetMgr::WidgetMgr const std::string &  pointerMoveEvent  )  [inline]

virtual VRG3D::WidgetMgr::~WidgetMgr  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

bool VRG3D::WidgetMgr::activateWidget WidgetRef  toActivate  )  [inline]

void VRG3D::WidgetMgr::addWidget WidgetRef  widget,
bool  pointerActivated

Call this to add widgets to the manager.

void VRG3D::WidgetMgr::doGraphics RenderDevice *  rd  )  [inline]

Call this method from the doGraphics routine in your subclass of VRApp to draw the menu.

void VRG3D::WidgetMgr::processEvent EventRef  event,
Array< EventRef > &  generatedEvents

Call this method from the doUserInput routine in your subclass of VRApp.

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