Default3DMenu Class Reference

#include <Default3DMenu.H>

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Public Types


Public Member Functions

 Default3DMenu (const std::string &menuTitle, const Array< std::string > &menuItemNames, const Array< std::string > &eventsToGenerate, const std::string &trackerEventToListenFor, const std::string &buttonEventToListenFor, const CoordinateFrame &initialFrame, double itemHeight, WidgetMgrRef widgetMgr)
virtual ~Default3DMenu ()
void processEvent (EventRef event, Array< EventRef > &generatedEvents)
void doGraphics (RenderDevice *rd)
bool pointerOverWidget (Vector3 pointerPosRoomSpace)
bool canReleaseFocus ()
ItemState getItemState (const int i)
void setItemState (const int i, ItemState s)

Protected Member Functions

void menuBtnOn (Array< EventRef > &generatedEvents)
void menuBtnOff ()
void trackerMove (EventRef e)
void trackerMoveBtnDown (EventRef e)
void drawTextOnBox (RenderDevice *rd, const std::string &str, AABox box, Color4 color, Color4 outline)

Protected Attributes

std::string _title
Array< std::string > _items
Array< ItemState_states
Array< AABox > _boxes
GFontRef _font
double _textHeight
double _padding
Color4 _outlineCol
Color4 _titleFG
Color4 _titleBG
Color4 _itemFG
Color4 _itemBG
Color4 _disabledFG
Color4 _disabledBG
Color4 _highltFG
Color4 _highltBG
Color4 _activatedFG
Color4 _activatedBG
CoordinateFrame _dragOffset
bool _firstDrag
bool _btnDown
std::string _trackerEvent
std::string _btnEvent
Array< std::string > _events
BBox _bbox
CoordinateFrame _frame

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Default3DMenu::ItemState


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Default3DMenu::Default3DMenu const std::string &  menuTitle,
const Array< std::string > &  menuItemNames,
const Array< std::string > &  eventsToGenerate,
const std::string &  trackerEventToListenFor,
const std::string &  buttonEventToListenFor,
const CoordinateFrame &  initialFrame,
double  itemHeight,
WidgetMgrRef  widgetMgr

virtual Default3DMenu::~Default3DMenu  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

bool Default3DMenu::canReleaseFocus  ) 

void Default3DMenu::doGraphics RenderDevice *  rd  ) 

void Default3DMenu::drawTextOnBox RenderDevice *  rd,
const std::string &  str,
AABox  box,
Color4  color,
Color4  outline

ItemState Default3DMenu::getItemState const int  i  )  [inline]

void Default3DMenu::menuBtnOff  )  [protected]

void Default3DMenu::menuBtnOn Array< EventRef > &  generatedEvents  )  [protected]

bool Default3DMenu::pointerOverWidget Vector3  pointerPosRoomSpace  ) 

void Default3DMenu::processEvent EventRef  event,
Array< EventRef > &  generatedEvents

void Default3DMenu::setItemState const int  i,
ItemState  s

void Default3DMenu::trackerMove EventRef  e  )  [protected]

void Default3DMenu::trackerMoveBtnDown EventRef  e  )  [protected]

Member Data Documentation

Color4 Default3DMenu::_activatedBG [protected]

Color4 Default3DMenu::_activatedFG [protected]

BBox Default3DMenu::_bbox [protected]

Array<AABox> Default3DMenu::_boxes [protected]

bool Default3DMenu::_btnDown [protected]

std::string Default3DMenu::_btnEvent [protected]

Color4 Default3DMenu::_disabledBG [protected]

Color4 Default3DMenu::_disabledFG [protected]

CoordinateFrame Default3DMenu::_dragOffset [protected]

Array<std::string> Default3DMenu::_events [protected]

bool Default3DMenu::_firstDrag [protected]

GFontRef Default3DMenu::_font [protected]

CoordinateFrame Default3DMenu::_frame [protected]

Color4 Default3DMenu::_highltBG [protected]

Color4 Default3DMenu::_highltFG [protected]

Color4 Default3DMenu::_itemBG [protected]

Color4 Default3DMenu::_itemFG [protected]

Array<std::string> Default3DMenu::_items [protected]

Color4 Default3DMenu::_outlineCol [protected]

double Default3DMenu::_padding [protected]

Array<ItemState> Default3DMenu::_states [protected]

double Default3DMenu::_textHeight [protected]

std::string Default3DMenu::_title [protected]

Color4 Default3DMenu::_titleBG [protected]

Color4 Default3DMenu::_titleFG [protected]

std::string Default3DMenu::_trackerEvent [protected]

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