IS3D::Color3Val Member List

This is the complete list of members for IS3D::Color3Val, including all inherited members.

_colIS3D::Color3Val [protected]
_lcolIS3D::Color3Val [protected]
_rcolIS3D::Color3Val [protected]
_valIS3D::Color3Val [protected]
col() const IS3D::Color3Val [inline]
Color3Val(double val, Color3 c)IS3D::Color3Val [inline]
Color3Val(double val, Color3 left, Color3 right)IS3D::Color3Val [inline]
Color3Val(double val, Color3 center, Color3 left, Color3 right)IS3D::Color3Val [inline]
equals(Color3ValRef const val)IS3D::Color3Val [inline]
getCopy()IS3D::Color3Val [inline]
leftCol() const IS3D::Color3Val [inline]
rightCol() const IS3D::Color3Val [inline]
setCol(const Color3 c)IS3D::Color3Val [inline]
setLeftCol(const Color3 c)IS3D::Color3Val [inline]
setRightCol(const Color3 c)IS3D::Color3Val [inline]
setVal(const double v)IS3D::Color3Val [inline]
val() const IS3D::Color3Val [inline]
~Color3Val()IS3D::Color3Val [inline, virtual]

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