IS3D::Color3Map Member List

This is the complete list of members for IS3D::Color3Map, including all inherited members.

addRegion(double begin, double end, Color3 c, bool blend=true)IS3D::Color3Map [inline]
addRegion(double begin, double end, Color3 beginc, Color3 endc, bool blend=true)IS3D::Color3Map
addToMap(const double value, const Color3 c)IS3D::Color3Map
addVal(Color3ValRef const val)IS3D::Color3Map
changeMap(const double value, const Color3 c, const double threshold)IS3D::Color3Map
clearRegion(double begin, double end)IS3D::Color3Map
Color3Map(double minVal, double maxVal)IS3D::Color3Map
equals(Color3MapRef const map)IS3D::Color3Map
getColor(const double value)IS3D::Color3Map
getColor3Val(const int num)IS3D::Color3Map [virtual]
getColorIndexPoint(const int num) const IS3D::Color3Map [virtual]
getNumPoints() const IS3D::Color3Map [virtual]
getValIndexPoint(const int num) const IS3D::Color3Map [virtual]
removeVal(Color3ValRef const val)IS3D::Color3Map
setColor3Map(Color3MapRef map)IS3D::Color3Map
setRegion(double begin, double end, double val, int index)IS3D::Color3Map
~Color3Map()IS3D::Color3Map [virtual]

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