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Joshua Tveite






[Lages et al., 2016]
Wallace S. Lages, Wesley R. Miller, Johannes Novotny, jtveite, Bireswar Laha, John J. Socha, David H. Laidlaw, and Doug A. Bowman. Effects of Display Fidelity and Platform on Analysis Performance with Biological Datasets in Virtual Reality. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, March 2016. In Review (pdf) (bibtex: Lages-2016-EDF).
[Miller et al., 2016]
Wesley R. Miller, Johannes Novotny, David H. Laidlaw, Francois Luks, Derek Merck, and Scott Collins. Virtually Visualizing Vessels: A Study of the Annotation of Placental Vasculature from MRI in Large-scale Virtual Reality for Surgical Planning, May 2016. (pdf) (bibtex: Miller-2016-VVV).
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