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Ronald Cohen

Psychiatry, Brown U.

Themes Publications





[Gongvatana et al., 2011]
Assawin Gongvatana, Ronald Cohen, Stephen Correia, Kathryn N. Devlin, Jadrian Miles, Hakmook Kang, Hernando Ombao, Bradford Navia, David H. Laidlaw, and Karen T. Tashima. Clinical contributors to cerebral white matter integrity in HIV-infected individuals. Journal of Neurovirology, 17(5):477--486, 2011. (pdf) (bibtex: Gongvatana-2011-CCC).


[Miles et al., 2009]
Jadrian Miles, Ronald Cohen, and David H. Laidlaw. Tradeoffs in Supersampling of DTI Metrics. In Proceedings of ISMRM, 2009. (bibtex: Miles-2009-TIS).


[Paul et al., 2008]
Robert Paul, Stuart M. Grieve, Raymond Niaura, Sean P. David, David H. Laidlaw, Ronald Cohen, Lawrence Sweet, George Taylor, Clark C. Richard, Sakire Pogan, and Evian Gordon. Chronic cigarette smoking and the microstructural integrity of white matter in healthy adults: a diffusion tensor imaging study. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 10(1):137-47, January 2008. (bibtex: Paul-2008-CCS).


[McLaughlin et al., 2007]
Nicole C.R. McLaughlin, Robert Paul, Stuart M. Grieve, Leanne M. Williams, David H. Laidlaw, Margaret DiCarlo, Richard Clark, William Whelihan, Ronald Cohen, Thomas J. Whitford, and Evian Gordon. Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the Corpus Callosum: A Cross-Sectional Study Across the Lifespan. International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience, 25(4):215-221, June 2007. (pdf) (bibtex: McLaughlin-2007-DTI).


[Tate et al., 2005]
David Tate, J. Gunstad, Robert Paul, Song Zhang, David H. Laidlaw, and Ronald Cohen. Fractional Anisotropy in Subcortical White Matter Regions of Interest Among Cardiovascular Patients. In Proceedings International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), Miami, FL, May 2005. (ppt) (bibtex: Tate-2005-FAS).
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