Liz Marai
G. Elisabeta Marai

Ph.D. Candidate

Computer Science Department
Brown University, Box 1910
Providence, RI 02912, USA
401-863-7663 (voice)
401-863-7657 (fax)

gem AT

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Spring 2004 I taught CS224 with Morgan McGuire and Tomer Moscovich (ask Andy van Dam and John Hughes how we did). CS224 is the advanced computer graphics course at Brown; that year we redesigned the course curriculum from scratch. We submitted five posters with our students to the SIGGRAPH'04 student research competition and they all picked up awards. (can-you-tell-we're-bursting-with-pride?)

I have been the departmental FGL for two years (ask Eli Upfal how I did), and the coordinator of the Scientific Visualization seminar for even longer.

As of October 2006, I am the grad-WiCS coordinator.