Liz Marai
G. Elisabeta (Liz) Marai

Ph.D., May 2007

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I received my Ph.D. in computer science at Brown University in May 2007. Since then I have joined the University of Pittsburgh as a tenure-track assistant professor of Computer Science. I am also adjunct faculty at Carnegie Mellon University, in the Robotics Institute.

My research centers around applications of computational modeling, visualization, computer graphics, and computer science to other scientific disciplines. While at Brown, I was a member of the Graphics Group, and I worked under the supervision of David Laidlaw (my advisor), Joseph (Trey) Crisco, and John Hughes. My doctoral research explored novel computational modeling, visualization and analysis tools that are needed to model anatomical joints and their variation with disease progression.

I received a B.S. and an M.S. from the Computer Science Department of the Politehnica University of Bucharest, in Romania. I spent there an extra year as a lab instructor, and a summer as an intern at Philips Research in the Netherlands. Frans Peters of Philips bears responsibility for me switching from AI to graphics (hi, Frans, and hi, Cristian Giumale, you were my first mentors :-).