I'm from A Coruña, on the northwest corner of Spain.

I studied Civil Engineering at the University of A Coruña and graduated in 1997. I came to Brown University through a fellowship from the Pedro Barrie de la Maza Foundation in 1998. I studied Computer Science and I'm now a Ph.D. candidate in CS, expecting to graduate in the summer of 2007.

My wife, Maria Rey (also from A Coruña), and I live in Providence. While I study, she works as an Electrical Engineer at Invensys, in Foxboro, MA. We love it so much here that our first baby was born here on March 25, 2007!   8^)

Here we all are, including Ines Acevedo Rey smiling at you...

Some more pictures...

Maria (my wife), Virginia (my brother's wife), Luis Diego (my brother), and I resting in Central Park.

Alicia (my mother-in-law), Maria, and my mom (Teresa)
happily strolling out of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome.

Oscar (a good friend), Alis (my sister-in-law), Diego (Alis's husband),
Maria, and I in the Xures Mountains, near Portugal.