The main directory to add or update entries is at


The idea is that whenever you have a new paper or a new reference that you found interesting, you add it to the VISWEB for everyone to see.

You can use VISWEB to organize your papers or see what other people found interesting and what papers are they reading.

The current functionality is very basic but works. You can start adding your stuff anytime. There's no major error checking at this point (June 2002) so it's mainly your responsibility that your new entries work. Everything should be group (graphics) writable so BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU MODIFY OR DELETE!!! We are working on setting up some error checking and security.

Email me with problems and suggestions at


1.- Create, on a piece of paper, the entry name for you document. The entry name format is as follows:


For example, for the paper 'Information Visualization and Visual Data Mining' by Daniel A. Keim, published in 2002, the VISWEB entry file would be named:


The acronym uses the first 3 words, whatever they are (even numbers).

2.- To add a publication run:

FOR AN INTERNAL PUBLICATION: addviswebpub <entry-name> <list-filename> FOR A NON_BROWN PUBLICATION: addviswebbib <entry-name> <list-filename>

<list-filename> can be found in /map/gfx0/common/visweb/lists

(NOTE on possible ERROR messages: If it gives an error run /map/gfx0/tools/shared/bin/viswebupdate. Follow the instructions to setup the needed 'gfxtools' environment variables. Email me if you have trouble. YOU NEED TO DO THIS BEFORE PROCEEDING FARTHER.)

(If it asks for confirmation to overwrite a file, that means someone else already created the entry. Respond NO (or 'n') to avoid overwritting and proceed with step 3)

3.- Open, in emacs or any other editor, the file named:

/map/gfx0/common/visweb/pubs/<entry-name> or

4.- Modify the first 4 fields:DOCTYPE, ADDED-BY, DATE-ADDED, STATUS and YEAR, following the examples provided.

DOCTYPE should be one of the following:


(use 'misc' if you don't know)

STATUS should be one of the following:


Fill out the rest of the fields depending upon what you know about the document. You don't need to fill them all out.

You can fill in the THEME field with one or more (separated by 'and') of the following:


IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure not to leave any blank spaces at the end of the THEME or PROJECT entries.

The explanation for each on of this can be found in

5.- If you have a pdf file for the document, run:

addviswebpdf <pdf-file-name> <entry-name>

Use 'addviswebps', 'addviswebppt', 'addviswebtxt', 'addviswebdoc', etc. for any other file types.

6.- Run viswebupdate

7.- You can place a representative image of the document in the /thumbs directory off of /pubs or /bib. It will be displayed next to the title of the document. It requires two images: one big and a thumbnail for display purposes. Filename for the images: entry.jpg and entry_thumb.jpg (e.g. Acevedo:2002:HTU.jpg and Acevedo:2002:HTU_thumb.jpg). For .pdf documents, if no images are provided they will be created automatically from the first page of the document. They can be changed in the /thumbs directory as long as the filenames remain the same. They will NOT be 'auto-created' for other document formats.

You are all set. Your new entry will be in in the list you added it to.

For more details keep reading...

Individual Lists

To create a list for yourself go to


Create a txt file with a new name: foo.txt The files in this directory contain lists of references, either publications (PUBS), bibliography (BIB), or faqs (FAQ). For each entry you need to create a corresponding file in the corresponding directory under /map/gfx0/common/visweb/.

Each entry is created in a separate file. The naming convention is as follows:


For example, for the paper 'Information Visualization and Visual Data Mining' by Daniel A. Keim, published in 2002, the VISWEB entry file would be named:


The acronym uses the first 3 words, whatever they are (even numbers).

Check out the format of that file in the 'VISWEB Entry Format' link on The easiest way to create a new entry is copying another one over and writting the correct information over it. There's a 'empty' file in both bib/, and pubs/ that you can copy and fill out.

An example list file looks like this:

TITLE: Test Mixed stuff
AUTHOR: $daf

Nice survey here.
Everything is very well explained.
Good references.
BIB: gabbard:1997:TUC

I didn't like the approach taken here.
BIB: poupon:2000:TIF
PUBS: Cooper:2002:BVP

# I don't if I should include this paper in this list BIB: kasik:2002:EGD
PUBS: Forsberg:2000:IVR
FAQ: Acevedo:2002:VEF
FAQ: Laidlaw:2002:SWE
FAQ: LaViola:2002:VR2
FAQ: Laidlaw:2002:FAR

You can comment stuff out by placing a # at the beginning of a line. If there's no #, that line is assumed to provide a comment for the next reference in the list. Those comments can be multiline, but they will be joined in a single line for displayt on the webpage, so KEEP THEM SHORT.

Once you have created the list file (example above) and the corresponding entries in faq/, bib/, or pubs/, you need add interesting info to link from those entries.

If you created a BIB entry for a nice paper you just found, copy the pdf file into the bib/pdf directory following the naming convention of the VISWEB entry, which is basically just adding .pdf to the reference name. For the example entry above, the pdf would be named Keim:2002:IVA.pdf

If you don't have anything for an entry (no pdf, no txt, no ps, nothing) you can still create the entry and add the reference later.

If there is no directory for the paper format you have, let me know and I'll make one for you (

All FAQs must be created in txt format at this point. You can have links in them, since they get converted into html.

Updating VISWEB

Once you have added or changed everything you wanted, go to


Make sure your umask is set to 002, that way the new files created will be readable.


Your new stuff should show up now at

If errors show up, review the syntax of your entries and the names of your files. Make sure everything fits together.

Problems: email moi (