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Texture Member List

This is the complete list of members for Texture, including all inherited members.
_aspectTexture [protected]
_filenameTexture [protected]
_glAlphaNameTexture [protected]
_glnameTexture [protected]
_hasRealAlphaTexture [protected]
_heightTexture [protected]
_isStencilTexture [protected]
_nameTexture [protected]
_texelsTexture [protected]
_texTypeTexture [protected]
_widthTexture [protected]
aspect() constTexture [inline]
filename() constTexture [inline]
fill(Color c)Texture [inline]
getPixel(int w, int h)Texture [inline]
glAlphaName()Texture [inline]
glName()Texture [inline]
hasRealAlpha() constTexture [inline]
height() constTexture [inline]
isStencil() constTexture [inline]
load(str_ptr filename)Texture
loadPNM(const char *fname)Texture
loadRGB(const char *fname)Texture
loadTarga(const char *fname)Texture
name() constTexture [inline]
pixelPtr(int w, int h)Texture [inline]
print()Texture [inline]
printRow(int h)Texture [inline]
replaceCol(Color col1, Color col2)Texture
save(str_ptr filename)Texture
saveTarga(const char *fname)Texture
setHasRealAlpha(const int a)Texture [inline]
setPixel(int w, int h, Color c)Texture [inline]
setStencil(const int sten)Texture [inline]
Texture(str_ptr name, int texType, int width, int height)Texture
Texture(str_ptr filename, str_ptr name, bool hasRealAlpha=false, int isStencil=false)Texture
type() constTexture [inline]
width() constTexture [inline]
~Texture()Texture [virtual]

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