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Path Member List

This is the complete list of members for Path, including all inherited members.
_changedPath [protected]
_cumulativeLengthPath [protected]
_interpPath [protected]
_lengthPath [protected]
_ptsPath [protected]
_referenceLengthPath [protected]
addPoint(const Wtransf &trans, const double cumulLength=-1)Path [virtual]
closestPoint(const Wpt pt)Path [virtual]
difference(Path *path, int numsteps=400)Path [virtual]
dist3D_Line_to_Line(Wpt L1a, Wpt L1b, Wpt L2a, Wvec L2v, double &L1t)Path [protected, virtual]
distanceFrom(const Wpt pt)Path [virtual]
getChanged()Path [inline, virtual]
getCopy()Path [virtual]
getCumulativeLength()Path [inline, virtual]
getIndex(double length)Path [virtual]
getLength() constPath [virtual]
getLengthAt(const int num)Path [virtual]
getNumPoints() constPath [virtual]
getPathsOfLength(double length, int skipval)Path [virtual]
getPercentAt(const Wpt pt)Path [virtual]
getPercentAt(const Wpt pt, const Wvec vec)Path [virtual]
getPts()Path [inline, virtual]
getReferenceLength() constPath [inline, virtual]
getSubPath(double startDist, double length)Path [virtual]
getSuffix(const double dist)Path [virtual]
getSuffixAbsolute(const int trans)Path [virtual]
getSuffixRelative(const double dist)Path [virtual]
getTrans(const double dist)Path [virtual]
getTransAbsolute(const int num)Path [virtual]
getTransRelative(const double dist)Path [virtual]
isEqual(Path *path)Path [virtual]
isSignificantlyDifferent(Path *path, double threshold)Path [virtual]
leftmodify(const Wtransf trans)Path [virtual]
lengthSum(Path *path)Path [virtual]
print()Path [virtual]
recalcLength()Path [virtual]
rightmodify(const Wtransf trans)Path [virtual]
setChanged(bool c)Path [inline, virtual]
setPoint(const int pt, const Wtransf trans, const Wtransf roomtrans)Path [virtual]
setReferenceLength(const double l)Path [inline, virtual]
sum(Path *path, int numsteps=400)Path [virtual]
temptransPath [protected]
updateLength()Path [protected, virtual]
~Path()Path [virtual]

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