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ISMesh Member List

This is the complete list of members for ISMesh, including all inherited members.
_bboxISMesh [protected]
_edgesISMesh [protected]
_facesISMesh [protected]
_isolatedFacesISMesh [protected]
_nameISMesh [protected]
_triStripsISMesh [protected]
_useTexCoordsISMesh [protected]
_useVertexColorsISMesh [protected]
_useVertexNormalsISMesh [protected]
_vertsISMesh [protected]
addEdge(ISEdge *e)ISMesh [virtual]
addEdge(ISVertex *u, ISVertex *v)ISMesh [virtual]
addEdge(int i, int j)ISMesh [virtual]
addFace(ISFace *f, Wvec normal=Wvec(0, 0, 0), int isolated=1)ISMesh [virtual]
addFace(ISVertex *u, ISVertex *v, ISVertex *w, Wvec normal=Wvec(0, 0, 0), int isolated=1, bool debug=1)ISMesh [virtual]
addFace(int i, int j, int k, Wvec normal=Wvec(0, 0, 0), int isolated=1, bool debug=1)ISMesh [virtual]
addTriStripVertex(ISVertex *v, int triStripNum)ISMesh [virtual]
addVertex(ISVertex *v)ISMesh [virtual]
addVertex(cWpt &loc)ISMesh [virtual]
addVertex(cWpt &loc, cWvec &norm)ISMesh [virtual]
bbox()ISMesh [inline, virtual]
cleanUp(double epsilon)ISMesh
draw(bool useAlpha=false, double alpha=1.0)ISMesh
edges() constISMesh [inline]
empty() constISMesh [inline]
faces() constISMesh [inline]
getUseTexCoords()ISMesh [inline]
ISMesh(Cstr_ptr &name=str_ptr::null_str(), int numv=0, int nume=0, int numf=0)ISMesh
isolatedFaces() constISMesh [inline]
lookupFace(ISVertex *u, ISVertex *v, ISVertex *w)ISMesh [virtual]
nedges() constISMesh [inline]
nfaces() constISMesh [inline]
nisoFaces() constISMesh [inline]
ntriStrips() constISMesh [inline]
nverts() constISMesh [inline]
pointIntersect(Wpt pobj)ISMesh
print()ISMesh [inline, virtual]
rayIntersect(Wvec v, Wpt p)ISMesh
readVRML(istream *is)ISMesh
removeAll()ISMesh [virtual]
removeEdge(ISEdge *e)ISMesh [virtual]
removeFace(ISFace *f)ISMesh [virtual]
removeVertex(ISVertex *v)ISMesh [virtual]
setUseTexCoords(int value)ISMesh [inline]
setUseVertexColors(int value)ISMesh [inline]
setUseVertexNormals(int value)ISMesh [inline]
surfaceArea()ISMesh [virtual]
transform(cWtransf &xform)ISMesh [virtual]
tristrips() constISMesh [inline]
validVertIndices(int i, int j) constISMesh [inline]
validVertIndices(int i, int j, int k) constISMesh [inline]
verts() constISMesh [inline]
volume()ISMesh [virtual]
writeVRML(ostream *ofs)ISMesh
~ISMesh()ISMesh [virtual]

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