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ISEdge Member List

This is the complete list of members for ISEdge, including all inherited members.
_f1ISEdge [protected]
_f2ISEdge [protected]
_meshISEdge [protected]
_v1ISEdge [protected]
_v2ISEdge [protected]
addFace(ISFace *face)ISEdge [inline]
contains(ISVertex *v) constISEdge [inline]
face1() constISEdge [inline]
face2() constISEdge [inline]
isBorder()ISEdge [inline]
ISEdge(ISVertex *u, ISVertex *v)ISEdge
nfaces()ISEdge [inline]
otherFace(ISFace *f) constISEdge [inline]
otherVertex(ISVertex *v) constISEdge [inline]
removeFace(ISFace *face)ISEdge [inline]
setMesh(ISMesh *m)ISEdge
vertex1() constISEdge [inline]
vertex2() constISEdge [inline]
~ISEdge()ISEdge [inline, virtual]

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