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str_ptr Member List

This is the complete list of members for str_ptr, including all inherited members.
Cast_from_void(void *V)REFptr< STR > [inline]
Clear()REFptr< STR > [inline]
contains(Cstr_ptr &s) conststr_ptr [inline]
contains(Cstr_list &s) conststr_ptr
Init()REFptr< STR > [inline]
len() conststr_ptr [inline]
null_str()str_ptr [inline, static]
operator *() constREFptr< STR > [inline]
operator *()REFptr< STR > [inline]
operator int() conststr_ptr [inline]
operator!() conststr_ptr [inline]
operator!=(Cstr_ptr &s) conststr_ptr [inline]
REFptr< STR >::operator!=(cREFptr< STR > &p) constREFptr< STR > [inline]
operator+(int i) conststr_ptr [inline]
operator+(const char *s) conststr_ptr [inline]
operator+(Cstr_ptr &s) conststr_ptr [inline]
operator->() constREFptr< STR > [inline]
operator->()REFptr< STR > [inline]
operator<<(ostream &s, Cstr_ptr &p)str_ptr [friend]
REFptr< STR >::operator<<(ostream &os, cREFptr< STR > &p)REFptr< STR > [friend]
operator=(STR *o)REFptr< STR > [inline]
operator=(cREFptr< STR > &p)REFptr< STR > [inline]
operator==(Cstr_ptr &s) conststr_ptr [inline]
REFptr< STR >::operator==(cREFptr< STR > &p) constREFptr< STR > [inline]
operator>>(istream &s, str_ptr &p)str_ptr [friend]
operator[](int i) conststr_ptr [inline]
p_REFptr< STR > [protected]
pointer() constREFptr< STR > [inline]
pointer()REFptr< STR > [inline]
REFptr()REFptr< STR > [inline]
REFptr(cREFptr< STR > &p)REFptr< STR > [inline]
REFptr(STR *pObj)REFptr< STR > [inline]
str_ptr()str_ptr [inline]
str_ptr(Cstr_ptr &p)str_ptr [inline]
str_ptr(STR *s)str_ptr [inline]
str_ptr(const char *s)str_ptr [inline]
str_ptr(char c)str_ptr [inline]
str_ptr(int x)str_ptr [inline]
str_ptr(double d)str_ptr [inline]
to_lower() conststr_ptr
to_upper() conststr_ptr
~REFptr()REFptr< STR > [inline, virtual]

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