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NetStream Member List

This is the complete list of members for NetStream, including all inherited members.
_charbufNetStream [protected]
_fdFD_EVENT [protected]
_in_queueNetStream [protected]
_istrNetStream [protected]
_ostrNetStream [protected]
add_network(Network *n)NetStream [inline]
ascii enum valueNetStream
ascii_r enum valueNetStream
ascii_rw enum valueNetStream
ascii_w enum valueNetStream
except()FD_EVENT [inline, virtual]
fd()FD_EVENT [inline]
FD_MANAGER classFD_EVENT [friend]
flush_data(void)NetStream [virtual]
init_streams(bool readable, bool writeable)NetStream [protected]
interpret(void)NetStream [protected]
istr()NetStream [inline]
name(void) constNetStream [inline]
NetStream(int port, const char *name)NetStream
NetStream(int fd, struct sockaddr_in *client, bool block=false)NetStream
Network classNetStream [friend]
network(void) constNetStream [inline]
no_linger(int fd)NetStream [static]
operator=(const NetStream &)NetStream
ostr()NetStream [inline]
ostream_to_NetStream(ostream *os)NetStream [inline, static]
port(void) constNetStream [inline]
print_name(void) constNetStream [inline]
processing(void) constNetStream [inline]
read enum valueNetStream
read_from_net(void *buf, size_t nbyte) constNetStream [protected]
remove_me()NetStream [protected]
rw enum valueNetStream
sample()NetStream [virtual]
set_blocking(bool val) constNetStream [protected]
set_port(int p)NetStream
StreamFlags enum nameNetStream
subscribe(Cstr_ptr &t)NetStream [inline]
subscribe(Cstr_list &t)NetStream [inline]
write enum valueNetStream
write_to_net(const void *buf, size_t nbyte) constNetStream [protected]
~FD_EVENT()FD_EVENT [inline, virtual]
~NetStream()NetStream [virtual]

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