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MathTranslate Member List

This is the complete list of members for MathTranslate, including all inherited members.
instance()MathTranslate [inline, static]
instance_MathTranslate [protected, static]
ROOM_TO_WORLD()=0MathTranslate [pure virtual]
set_instance(MathTranslate *inst)MathTranslate [inline, static]
setROOM_TO_WORLD(cWtransf &)MathTranslate [inline, virtual]
setWORLD_TO_ROOM(cWtransf &)MathTranslate [inline, virtual]
toROOM(cWpt &p)MathTranslate [inline, virtual]
toROOM(cWvec &v)MathTranslate [inline, virtual]
toW(cROOMpt &p)MathTranslate [inline, virtual]
toW(cROOMvec &v)MathTranslate [inline, virtual]
toWpt(cXYpt &xypt, cWpt &parallel_wpt)=0MathTranslate [pure virtual]
toWpt(cXYpt &xypt, double distance)=0MathTranslate [pure virtual]
toWpt(cXYpt &xypt)=0MathTranslate [pure virtual]
toWvec(cXYpt &xypt)=0MathTranslate [pure virtual]
toXYpt(cWpt &wpt)=0MathTranslate [pure virtual]
VIEW_ASPECT()=0MathTranslate [pure virtual]
VIEW_NDC_TRANS()=0MathTranslate [pure virtual]
view_pixels(double &, NDCpt &)=0MathTranslate [pure virtual]
view_size(int &width, int &height)=0MathTranslate [pure virtual]
WORLD_TO_ROOM()=0MathTranslate [pure virtual]
~MathTranslate()MathTranslate [inline, virtual]

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