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FD_MANAGER Member List

This is the complete list of members for FD_MANAGER, including all inherited members.
_mgrFD_MANAGER [protected, static]
_pending_eventsFD_MANAGER [protected, static]
_pending_timeoutsFD_MANAGER [protected, static]
_timeoutsFD_MANAGER [protected]
add(FD_EVENT *fd)=0FD_MANAGER [protected, pure virtual]
add(FD_TIMEOUT *t)FD_MANAGER [inline, protected, virtual]
add_event(FD_EVENT *f)FD_MANAGER [inline, static]
add_timeout(FD_TIMEOUT *to)FD_MANAGER [inline, static]
loop(int infinite=1)=0FD_MANAGER [pure virtual]
mgr()FD_MANAGER [static]
pending_events()FD_MANAGER [inline, protected, static]
pending_timeouts()FD_MANAGER [inline, protected, static]
rem(FD_EVENT *fd)=0FD_MANAGER [protected, pure virtual]
rem(FD_TIMEOUT *t)FD_MANAGER [inline, protected, virtual]
rem_event(FD_EVENT *f)FD_MANAGER [inline, static]
rem_timeout(FD_TIMEOUT *to)FD_MANAGER [inline, static]
set_mgr(FD_MANAGER *m)FD_MANAGER [inline, static]
timeouts()FD_MANAGER [inline, virtual]
~FD_MANAGER()FD_MANAGER [inline, virtual]

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