How to setup SSH from a non-CS machine

  1. ON YOUR NON-CS MACHINE: Generate a public/private key pair. Run the command:
     ssh-keygen -t dsa 
    You will be prompted for a "pass phrase". Do not use your unix password! The pass phrase is not limited to a single word, so you can choose a sentence or phrase that is easy to remember. You will be typing this phrase a lot, so making it shorter is better.Note the file where your public key is stored.
  2. ON YOUR NON-CS MACHINE: Copy your public key to your CS account. Because it is a public key, you can email it to yourself.
  3. ON YOUR CS ACCOUNT: Append your public key to the file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. Use the command:
     cat>> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys 
    where is the filename of your public key.
  4. For more info on this, go to