Put your code into CVS in $G

  1. Go to the directory that has your source in it.
  2. Delete or move away anything you don't want to go in cvs, if you already have something compiled there, do "make clean" to get rid of the object files - you don't want to put them in CVS. In general, just leave the Makefile and the source files.
  3. If you have any binary files, like images that you want to go in CVS, move them out of this directory temporarily, we will add them later because CVS requires non-text files to be added with a special flag.
  4. Run the following command, replacing projectname with the name you want your project to have - that will become a new directory under $G/src
    gfxprojinit projectname .
    Note, there is a period at the end of that command, it might be hard to see.
  5. If you had some binary files you wanted to add to CVS like images that you load up in your program. For each file: 1. copy the file to $G/src/projectname 2. from within the $G/src/projectname directory run the command:
    cvs add -kb filename
    Then, after adding all the files, run
    cvs commit -m "i just added a bunch of image files"
    The -m signifies a commit message for cvs. See cvs documentation for more info on cvs.
  6. Your project should have been automatically added to the $G/src directory on the filesystem you are on now. To get it in the $G/src directory somewhere else, like at the Cave, run this command from within $G/src:
    cvs update -d projectname