Creating a new $G tree

On a unix system

Prereqs:You can ssh from this system to

Copy $G/bin/gfxtree-init from an existing tree and run it on your system with a root of /share/gfx or /map/gfx if possible.

On a windows system

Prereqs:You have cygwin installed in c:\cygwin and you can ssh from a cygwin prompt to

Copy $G/bin/gfxtree-init and $G/bin/gfxtree-init.bat from an existing Windows $G tree to a directory on your local machine. Create a directory C:\gfx and then run gfxtree-init.bat.

Note that on non-Windows installs of the $G tree, gfxtree-init.bat will not be installed in $G/bin, but can be found in $G/src/gfxscripts