Collection of links to online MRI literature

  1. Basics of MRI - Online book by Joseph P. Hornak Good introduction to underlying Mathematics (Fourier Transform, etc) and Physics (Spin Physics, NMR Spectroscopy).Also reviews Imaging hardware and techniques). Very useful applets and diagrams.
  2. An Introduction to MR - Notes by Graham Wright Brief overview of formulae/principles of MRI.
  3. MRI - Quick review of History/Principles
  4. References on noise and SNR in Magnetic Resonance imaging
  5. PhD Thesis on MR image processing by Jan Sijbers Title: Signal and Noise estimation from Magnetic Resonance Images.
  6. Talk slides Good overview slides of Imaging principles, explanation of T1-T2, Spin/Gradient Echo, Slice Selection, Frequency/Phase Encoding.
  7. Course slides
  8. Course material Detailed notes with equations/pictures for NMR Physics, 1D-2D Fourier Transform, 1D-2D Imaging, Slice Selection, fMRI and Clinical Applications.
  9. Miscellaneous Links,,5-4-2167-0-2167-directories--0,00.html